Visit One of our favorite places to visit "The Eastside Tavern." We updated the photo collection on January 8th. You will also want to read and see the pictures of a joke gone bad.

Mark "The Bird" Fidrych, Tiger Rookie of the Year in 1976 stopped by The Eastside Tarvern for a visit. Mark takes part in the Wertz Warriors snowmobile ride to help raise money for the Special Olympics. He stops by the Eastside for a visit before th ride. At left Mark joins in a cooks a few burgers. He is always nice to the people and the fans. We enjoy seeing him every time he visits.

Chris and I recently visited the Old Shillelagh on Monroe in downtown Detroit It was a slow night. Of course we were there about 7 o'clock on a week night so we might have been in between the work crowd and the young evening crowd.

Next we headed to Jocoby's which is just a few blocks south. Jocoby's is a "German Biergarten." We enjoyed a sausage and chesse plate with a few beers before we headed home.

Jim and Joe were in Detroit for the Superbowl from Pitsburgh. They didn't have tickets to the game, but they were long time Stealer fans and wanted to support their team. We ran into them at The Well. They were enjoying their stay in Detroit. They are both ex-teachers and teacher trainers.

"Quotes" from the Bar philosophers:

Bill: "It only takes me twenty minutes to remember what I forgot.

Ted: Too many bars - not enough days

Chuck: After you wash your hands can I have a cherry?

A Sad Pub

Foran's is on Woodard Ave. in downtown Detroit. The area around Foran's is picking up. Foran's has seen a better day. It is showing its age. Inside it is very worn. However, it has some amazing details inside. The ceilings are plaster arches that are just beautiful. The crown moldings below the arches are least a foot high and made of lovely wood. As you can see from the image, it is for sale. Hopefully, a loving owner will buy it and restore its beauty. (Click the image for a larger view.)

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