Eastside Tavern!
Mount Clemens, Michigan
New Images, January 2006
See the story at right for the story behind these images.

New Images Dec. 16, 2005
Dec. 5, 2005
October 2005
April 4, 2005
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April 1, 2005
Superbowl and February Photos
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Notes from the Eastside philosophers:

Unknown: He's drinking you prettier.
Donnie: I called him everything but the Child of God.
Unknown: We've been friends but I don't know why.
When I was young and in my prime,
I used to do it all the time.
Now that I am old and gray,
I only do it once a day.
Bill: "It only takes me twenty minutes to remember what I forgot.
Ted: Too many bars - not enough days
Chuck: After you wash your hands can I have a cherry?

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2006- A Interesting Start

I wasn't there, so thanks to Nathalie we have the story and photos. Chuck brought some handcuffs to the bar. Don't ask why. He decided to handcuff two women together. But one important thing to remember, before you put handcuffs on women make sure you have the key!

Here is a breakdown of the story. Chuck had a set of hand cuffs. He slapped them on Blondy (the one on Frank's lap) and her friend. Then he left saying he was going home to get the key! He never came back.

Someone was able to break the link on the cuffs so the girls were separated. It was Ted that came to the rescue with his cutters. Ms. Vicky was celebrating her birthday a little early being a Christmas day baby and Frank was in full form getting plenty of Holiday gropes!

Photos form this event and from the evening.

Submitted by Nathalie

Dancing and Grinding

Here is the other story of 2006. I was there but missed it. Paul was playing music. He was doing his usual bump and grind routine. He didn't realize he was standing next to a man new to the Eastside. Paul was just about doing a lap dance with him. The man left his drink and hurried out of the bar. Vicki called to the stranger. This isn't a gay bar. (Not that there would be anything wrong with that.) Paul never did realize what was going on.

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Shamrock, Madison, Wisconsin

Gary Mac's Upscale Bar

The Eastside has the best hamburgers of any bar I have visited. It isn't fancy. You have a choice of onions, cheese or grilled onions, mustard and catsup. It is served with a plastic tub of peppers. Take my advice and don't eat too many.

You can also do your shopping at the Eastside. Pick up some hot mustard, horseradish or the item of the month. If you stay to long and your wife or girl friend is upset with you can also buy flowers from "FTD" - Flowers for the Drunks.

AKA - The Basement Bar

The Eastside is ofter refered to as the "basement bar" because it is located in the basement of a house. The ceiling is only six feet tall. Anyone over six feet tall will need to duck when they enter. There are some advantages to drinking here. According to Brian, it's ok to drink at the Eastside because you are below God's line of vision.

Also, you don't have far to fall when you are thrown out of a basement window. However, you can get "Stuck in Stupid. Illustrated below...

Don't even ask, but on some nights you can find a few "bitches" at the Eastside. People just like to have fun and don't mind laughing at themselves.

Recent Quotes
  • I am German, Polish, and Irish. When I get drunk I beat myself up.
  • A lot of sinning and grinning
  • Beauty is only a light switch away
  • Don't cut the hairy end and you won't cry
  • I'll have.....
    What have I been drinking?
  • That's the last Hot Dam we have until the next one.
  • You can bullshit the bullshitter, but you can't snow the snowman.
  • You know what your problem is? You don't drink enough.
  • I just f____ up a good buzz.
  • She talks so much she would give a woodpecker a headache.
  • A very high class place at a very low elevation
  • Most of us ain't right, but he really ain't right
  • Eastside has enough bullshit to have love blossom anywhere
  • He won't remember us...f_ _ _ him if he does.
  • She turned me into a toe sucker.
  • As the barstool turns
  • I've been all over the place and I've gone nowhere.
  • "I need a taller staw 'cause I have short lips!"
  • Ted can't find a closet large in enough to hold him.
  • Lonely and alone and looking for a bone
  • She stuck her tongue so far down she pulled up three pieces of gum you swallowed in Junior High.
  • We drink where the devil dances
  • I've never gotten that much tongue in one night."
  • Shut up and smile!
  • He's only a little marinated.
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More Quotes:

  • After a comment about fighting someone, the person who made the comment was told: "You better go outside and practice falling down."
  • He is so slow it takes him two hours to watch 60 Minutes.
  • "I haven't seen him since Moby Dick was a minnow."
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