The Shamrock Bar
Madison, Wisconsin

Well, it was one interesting trip to Madison. We were invited to a bar on Main Street in Madison. The Shamrock was lively and full of fun loving partrons. Bob, the famous bartender, kept our drinks full and cold. Nathan and Phillip had told us about Bob and invited us out for a night of drinking at the Shamrock. It is a full bar with a good selections of liquers and beer.

Most of the Shamrock's customers are gay. We had a great time. It was a lively fun loving group. The music wasn't so loud that we couldn't carry on a conversation, but loud enough to keep the party moving.

We didn't have anything to eat because we were still full from our Italian dinner. The menu at the Shamrock was limited to typical bar food. The food is prepared on the grill and the deep fryer. Didn't see any health food.

We had a great time and mostly likely will have a return visit to the Shamrock next time we visit Madison.

Below is Bob, the bartender, in the back and a group of friends having a great time at the Shamrock.

Two cold patrons, Chris and Nate, stop outside before going into the Shamrock for a drink.

Phillip was right, the restroom is one of the narrowest I have ever used. It is even thinner than the one at the Eastside.

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