Nancy Whiskey's

Sometimes a place just makes you feel at home. Nancy Whiskey's is one of those places. It is a neighborhood bar with a working class cliental. We made the bartender and the small crowd (two people) aware that it was our first visit. It didn't take us long to feel at home. We had arrived early and the place was all most empty. About 3:30 or 4:00 PM the place started to fill up as people got off work.

We were bought a few beers by the locals and returned the favor. Also, they have a tradition that on your first visit you have a shot with the bartender. We had a shot of a whiskey we had never seen. I don't know the name but the last word in the name was Dew. It said on the back of the bottle that every man deserves his “dew.”

Nancy's get good crowds in the evenings for its jazz and blues bands. We are going to try another visit. It seem seems like a friendly fun place to go. It is in a tough neighborhood, just across the expressway from the old Tiger Stadium. The are located at 2644 N Harrison between Spruce and Pine.

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