Fifth Avenue

The Street Entrance to Fifth Avenue

Casual dinning with some interesting items. I have only had burgers and corn beef sandwiches so I can't comment on the full menu. The pizzas do look good. If your going to the game, leave plenty of time for your food order.

How can you not love a bar that is inside of a major league baseball park. As you can see by the images on the left and right, you can enter the bar from the street without going to the game or if you are in the park you can enter from the concourse area.

The Fifth Avenue has two bars on the main floor and has a large deck on the third floor. The deck has some great views of people coming to the ball game as well as views of downtown Detroit. On busy days they will fire up the barbecue on the deck for some good brats.

Inside the Ball Park Entrance

Our favorite ticket taker:
Charles works just inside the ball park entrance to the Fifth Avenue. He signs tickets to let you back into the ball park if you want to go into the bar after you have entered the park. Charles is a true gentleman and we always stop by to say hello even if we aren't going up to the bar. He's been with the Tiger organization for some time. Stop by and say hi.

Or favorite in park beer salesman:
Garvey Wilson is by far our beer salesman. If fact we always wait a few innings to buy a beer in case Garvey shows up. We also have bought beer from him when we really weren't ready for one. Garvey started a long time ago selling beer by the day of the week. So you can buy a Saturday Night Beer or the next day get a Sunday Beer. He also sells beer at Ford Field.

Music and Crowd:
The crowd is definitely younger than we are on non-game days. The bar has entertainment and dancing on weekends. The one side of the bar has a very nice set up for shooting pool. Large tables with room between the tables.

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